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Strategies for Happiness:
Achieving Your Happiness Potential

Happiness is a choice, not just something that happens by chance. Everyone has a Happiness Potential, but so often, we are not living up to that potential!!!

Strategies for Happiness will help you to become aware that you have the option to choose happiness and that not only is it your right, but your responsibility. Becoming aware of your Happiness Potential can be as simple as giving yourself permission to be Happy.

Happiness is energy. When you are in a state of happiness, you are energized. You are motivated to create, move, and develop.

Happiness is purpose. Those who are truly happy know they lives count for something. They are creating their world, achieving their destiny.

Happiness is freedom, a mind set free from fear, self-pity and negative thinking.

Strategies for Happiness gives practical hands on ideas to help you achieve your happiness potential. Learn the power of gratitude and forgiveness, pursuing your passion and giving yourself permission to be happy and much more.

In a style that is both whimsical and personal, Donna shares with you her wisdom, insights and experiences that you can easily identify with.