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Author Interview

Why did you write Strategies for Happiness?

I started writing it when I was going through a particularly hard time. My sister was terminally ill, I was having problems at work, and I was generally not in a happy state. As I say in the book, You know the saying about someone being so down that a dark cloud follows them everywhere they go? Well, that was me. I just knew that cloud was following me and almost believed that if I just turned around fast enough, I would actually see it.

I figured writing would be therapeutic, and at the very least, be something I could leave to my children. Now, 7 years later, I am about to release it to the world.

What is Strategies for Happiness about?

The book is very much a personal story about my life and what I have learned about living the best I can be. First and foremost, I have written it for my own pleasure, and filled it with things that bring me joy. However, it is my sincere hope that people will read it and find nuggets of wisdom and strength that will help then understand that they too have the power, the responsibility and the ability to choose what I like to call their Happiness Potential.

What is Happiness Potential?

We all have potential to achieve great things in our life, become the best we can be. We are born with certain traits, strengths and abilities. Some people are naturally more optimistic then others, but the nasty of life can wear them down. Others may have much in their favour, but their attitude is negative and unproductive.

I believe that no matter where you are coming from, you can always improve your situation by changing your attitude and the way you think. It is more then just thinking positively, it is believing positively. Your Happiness Potential is your goal to work towards. By striving towards reaching our Happiness Potential, we make our lives more satisfying which in turn, spreads out to others. Happiness Potential is achieved when we understand the 3 As of Happiness.

What are the three As of Happiness

Awareness, Attitude and Action.

Awareness is asking what do I think about myself? Am I happy and living my life to the fullest? Is there something lacking in my life?

It is realizing that I have the power to choose what thoughts I am going to think. It is looking at what are those thoughts, and asking how do I need to change them.

Attitude is asking what do I believe about myself? Happiness comes from a positive, constructive mindset. Filling your being with love, gratitude, appreciation and courage will build a healthy attitude.

And Action is all about asking what do I choose to do about my thoughts and beliefs? Nothing can happen until I actually take whatever actions are necessary to achieve a healthy happy mindset.

Strategies for Happiness gives the readers lots of ideas for actions that will help them reach their Happiness Potential.

What are some of the strategies you have complied?

I talk about some of my personal struggles, and how I have overcome them by researching ways or strategies to create happiness. I talk about such things as gratitude, claiming your personal power, giving yourself permission to be happy, not taking things personally, forgiveness, creating your own meaning and opportunities and focusing on what you want, to name a few.

What do you want for the readers of Strategies for Happiness?

I have had many points in my life where out of the blue, someone will say something, or I will read a snippet of a book, and I will get a flash of insight that will steer me in a different direction, usually with wonderful results. It is my hope that my book will do that for anyone that reads it.

I want people to believe they can become the best they can be, and to live life fully and only on their own terms.

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